Comcast Offer Gigabit Speed In Chicago

Gigabit Internet

Xfinity From Comcast

Many of the telecom providers in the US have started to offer high-speed internet, and Comcast is also following the trend. Making use of their current network infrastructure, Comcast is trailing DOCSIS 3.1 tech. Comcast says that the line can be used to deliver network speeds up to 1 GB per second to reach millions of their subscribers.

Comcast has explained well on what the 1 Gbps connection can deliver, and has said that the connection will let the user:

  • Download a High Definition movie of five Gigabyte in just forty seconds.
  • Download 150 Megabyte music album in just 2 seconds
  • Download 600 MB TV series in 4 seconds.
  • Download a video game of 15 GB in just two minutes.

John Crowley, who is the senior vice-president of Comcast in Greater Chicago Region, said, “We’re delivering gigabit speeds over the network that already passes millions of homes in the Chicago area. Our commitment to providing customers with a great experience is front and centre with this announcement, and we’re proud that Comcast’s Chicago area customers will be among the first in the world to have access to this new Gigabit technology.”

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Internet Charges

The US consumer introduction of DOCSIS 3.1 is happening. Comcast says that it “marks a major step forward in the evolution of ultra-high-speed broadband; once DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit Internet service is available in a market, customers with gigabit-capable devices will be able to sign up for a new plan and then experience the benefits of that speed.”

Fred Hoch, who is the chief executive of Illinois Technology Association, said, “Comcast’s investments in our technology infrastructure have helped to advance and evolve our economy, and I applaud their commitment to the technology ecosystem. DOCSIS 3.1 is a significant step forward in Internet Technology.”

Comcast is charging 139.95 dollars per month together with taxes as fess for their Xfinity service. As part of the trial Comcast says, “initial users will be encouraged to provide feedback about the service to Comcast, which will be used to help ensure future market rollouts deliver the best possible customer experience.”