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Approximately five decades ago, Ronnie Colvin’s dad, Glen Colvin became the eighth employee at a cable company in Tupelo, which eventually went on to became Comcast Corporation. Comcast is currently one of the leading satellite, internet and cable providers in the nation, and Ronnie Colvin is a senior director of external affairs for Comcast.

Ronnie Colvin recently visited Tupelo to celebrate the opening of their latest Comcast’s Xfinity retail store. Ronnie has been working with Comcast Corporation for the last 33 years and his daughters are also working in the same company. “Comcast has been in Tupelo since June 28, 1963 and we’re in our third generation of working with them. And we opened this new retail center on June 28 of this year, exactly 53 years after the company was founded,” he said.

Xfinity is the “triple-play service” from the provider, which offers cable internet, cable phone, and digital cable services to the subscribers. The latest Xfinity retail center is approximately 5,000-square-foot and it will replace the old customer service. The Xfinity story is located at the Barnes Crossing Plaza and is anchored by T.J. Maxx, Toys R Us, Hobby Lobby and others.

The retail center has a minimum of half-dozen customer service stations, a few seating, offices, and some retail space. Comcast has decided to place 20 technicians in their old location but the retail store still has eleven employees.

Ronnie said, “It was nice to be able to do this in the birthplace of Comcast. We’d done a few minor renovations on the old place, but this is where we’re headed with a state-of-the-art store. We try to make it all a part of the customer experience. It’s a very relaxing experience. You take a number, you can have a seat, charge your phone, watch TV and of course shop for cables, routers, wireless gateways and things like that.”

Xfinity Packages

Comcast Xfinity

Customers can also see a demo of other services provided by Comcast such as home security systems here at this retail store. They will also get help with the applications, which work in tandem with the provider’s internet service. The Xfinity store manager, Christy Scott, has been working with Comcast for the last 25 years. He said, “This is a one-stop shop for all the services you need.”