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The Xfinity X1 platform from Comcast is bringing a modern day boost to Movie Extras. Comcast Corporation recently announced that they are planning to launch a new feature called Enhanced Movie Extras to their subscribers. This latest feature will allow customers to interact with content, behind the scenes videos, games and photos, which are related to the film they are currently watching.

Comcast revealed that they have entered into a partnership with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Media Distribution, Lionsgate, and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment for this latest venture. Comcast also added that Enhanced Movie Extras, which comes with a title’s digital purchase, would include photo galleries, integrated internet content, set tours, maps and videos, which will update as the film plays.

Comcast’s cloud based set top box offers features such as personalized recommendations, DVR recording, universal search and voice remote control to their customers. In addition to that, X1 also allows the customers to buy videos on demand, which Matthew Strauss says, “in a short amount of time we’ve been able to grow into a meaningful business.”

Matthew Strauss is the executive VP and general manager of video and entertainment services for Comcast Cable. He also stated that approximately 50 percent of their current subscribers are using this platform. Comcast initially experimented or tested the Enhanced Extras during the Rio Olympics. However, Strauss added, “movies are ripe to create new experiences that continue to add value.”

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This latest feature is actually like DVD extras super charged version, if it was accessible while playing movies. However, the general manager of movies, pay-per-view and commerce at Comcast Cable, Daniel Spinosa, added that movies studios could develop a much more robust experience through the Enhanced Movies platform and they can gradually update the Extras with contents. He said, “We can redefine what a movie experience can be.”

X1 platform currently has approximately 100 titles with enhanced content. The company initially worked with Universal before introducing the product to other studios. The executive VP worldwide digital distribution for Lionsgate, Thomas Hughes said, “These experiences are highly produced, engaging and employ the latest technology to bring the content to life on Xfinity in a manner fans haven’t seen before. Building a collection of their favorite films with enhanced content that can be enjoyed seamlessly in their living rooms offers even more value to the Comcast customer.”