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Xfi Gateway Modem

Comcast® unveiled the xFi modem recently. Billed as an ‘advanced gateway’, the modem for Gigabit internet promises the users 1Gbps downstream speeds and 35Mbps upstream speeds. The modem is offered by the best internet provider on a monthly rental scheme and would allow the customers to use it as a Wi-Fi router. The existing subscribers who wish to order the xFi gateway can do so through the Xfinity xFi application or by calling the service personnel of Comcast®.

Other aspects to note regarding the xFi modem is that it is being offered by Comcast® for $10 monthly rent inclusive of taxes as well as fees. The Telco also said that the terabyte broadband cap would apply to the gigabit internet plans and added that the majority of the subscribers in their nationwide broadband network seldom cross the set cap. In case you are a hardcore broadband user and cross the data cap in the gigabit internet plan, you may need to either manage the broadband usage or subscribe the unlimited broadband plan from Comcast® for an additional cost.

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Gigabit Internet Subscribers

Comcast® said that the areas that are unable to access gigabit internet can still gain the modem and added that around 70 percent of the company’s network can gain benefits from the 1Gbps speeds. They also added that network upgrades are bound to prolong until next year. Pricing mechanism from the Telco for the best internet connection would differ as per your region. For instance, in select areas of the country, the Telco provides the Xfinity broadband in 1 Gbps speed for $79.99 a month for the first 12 months and $104.95 a month after the first year of subscription.

If you constantly browse, play online games and stream videos over the web in 4K resolution or upload plenty of videos, then subscribing to gigabit internet from Comcast® may be the best option for you. Comcast’s numbers seem promising in the third quarter of this year at a whopping 25.5 million subscribers of their internet.

Further, Comcast® also plans to provide the Xfinity application to the subscribers with Xfinity TV adapter and Sony’s Android TV, beginning 2018. When the app launches next year, the subscribers meeting the requirements can access live broadcasts from regional channels, public channels, and channels sponsored by the government.