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The customers of Comcast® in select markets have got a free increase in broadband speeds provided residential subscribers with Xfinity® X1 equipment bundle cable and internet services. This is applicable for the customers in Southwest Washington to up to Castle Rock city, Houston, and Portland. Only the customers in the area who choose to bundle Comcast’s cheapest cable packages and internet plans are eligible for the speed bumps.

In addition, how much of a speed increase you may get from the cable provider depends on which internet tier plan you presently subscribe to. For customers with 60 megabits per second internet plans, the new speed is 150 Mbps; for 150 Mbps plans, it is 250 Mbps; and for 250 Mbps internet service, the new speed is 400 Mbps or 1 Gbps.

To get accesses to internet service with applicable speeds, Comcast® subscribers should unplug their respective modems for around 1 minute or reset it using Xfinity® app or X1 voice remote. Further, the subscribers not having the equipment will have to upgrade their present modems to get accesses to new bandwidth from Comcast®. The customers of the cable giant who lease modems are eligible for a free speed boost. Even if you do not bundle the cheapest cable plans with internet, you can get accesses to improved speeds by paying for that.

Cheap Cable

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Note that Comcast® has set a data cap of 1 TB per month, which is applicable for all customers, irrespective of their present internet plans. The cable provider says that most of the subscribers use internet below the set data cap, and that those who do use more data than that should consider subscribing to their unlimited internet service.

When Comcast® first announced about the conditional speed bumps for customers who choose to bundle, there were widespread talks that the company chose to do that to keep customers from dropping cheap cable service in favor of streaming services over the web. However, Comcast® has denied that keeping customers from cord cutting is the intention behind the move.

“This year alone, we have boosted speeds for internet-only customers and customers in packages in more than two dozen different states across the country which added at least 50 (Megabits per second) more speed for these customers,” said Comcast’s Director of External Communications, Amy Keiter. “In a few of our markets, we are also testing different multi-product packages by changing the Internet tiers for various packages we offer.”