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Comcast Xfinity®, the major home automation and internet providers in the country, has entered into competition with the home security business The two companies have previously bought a part of the leading SHaaS (smart home as a service) provider, Icontrol. Comcast® announced this new strategy at a session in the ISC West 2017 held last month.

The program has made plans for outsourcing the service to independent home security and alarm companies. However, the pricing for the services would be much lower with regard to and other SHaaS providers.

As per the new tactics adopted by Comcast®, the platform will be made available to its existing customers, new customers from regional internet providers and television services, and earlier Icontrol customers. They will wholesale the services for many independent dealers that have major customer bases across many companies like, Honeywell, etc. is one of the largest home security and automation company that has a customer base of about 5 million. By scaling up the competition with, Comcast® intends to bring forth more services and to liberalize the existing service offered under its Xfinity Home® system. Dan Herscovici, GM of Comcast’s Xfinity Home® group has revealed the plans while speaking at the ISC West session. One of the key steps in enhancing the services includes a strategy for removing the various obstructions faced by Xfinity Home® customers.

According to Herscovici, such reduction of various constraints from the service is possible since the company has a wide range of home automation, security, best internet service, television, and phone services. Moreover combining the IoT devices with the internet and cable offers numerous prospects such as the enabling of voice control.

The operational excellence of the company will enable it to offer far better services than most of its competitors. Herscovici said, “We’ll share our operational playbooks. We’re using the same platform we’re selling. When we want to decrease false alarms by 5 percent, everyone [partners] benefits.”

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Comcast’s own ecosystem will enable them in sharing the market metrics with the customers, which other companies totally lack. Moreover, the company is also seriously considering investing in voice control technologies to compete with other major third party applications in the market such as Google Home®, Amazon Alexa®, and Apple Siri®.

In addition, Comcast® has also declared that it would be adding more smart routers and access points. The pairing of its xFi system with the X1 cable box presents a host of possibilities in accessing the network and home information from the connected TV.