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Comcast® Technology Solutions currently enjoys a strong presence in domestic market, and reports say that they are planning to reach out to business customers around the world soon. The Vice President and General Manager of Video Platform at Comcast® Technology Solutions, Bart Spriester, said that that is one of their main goals in 2018.

“We have a good brand domestically,” Spriester said on behalf of the division of Comcast Cable® during the 2018 NAB Show held in Las Vegas. The industry veteran also emphasized that the opportunity is aplenty to help worldwide content community distribute and monetize content through over-the-top and other IP-based content delivery systems.

Comcast Cable® launched Comcast® Technology Solutions in 2016 as its division that combines Comcast® Wholesale platform and the cable provider’s other two companies, namely This Technology and thePlatform. Another priority for the Comcast® division is to distribute live services, comprising webcasts, along with advanced ad stitching capabilities. Spriester said that it would invest more to leverage those plans throughout 2018.

Comcast® Technology Solutions will invest in automation of certain workflows that ingest and prepare web content, make it into a readable format, and deliver to several screen types. This would require the division of Comcast® to implement machine learning and AI to such workflows by making significant investments in both components of a content delivery network. Comcast® Technology Solutions also owns a video-optimized content delivery network.

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During the NAB Show, the cable provider’s division also introduced an array of new services and products that add to their portfolio. Their new offerings include Live-to-IP, which is capable of delivering live events with turnkey systems that ingest web content through fiber network, satellite network, or over the web, monitor & safeguard such content, and deliver it to the devices of end users.

In addition to Live-to-IP, Comcast® Technology Solutions also introduced an HTML 5-based video player, named PDK 6. Spriester said that that video player for the web was developed to distribute quicker start times alongside improved capability of client-side and server-side dynamic ad intersection.

Another Comcast® Technology Solutions offering that got introduced during the event is AdStor, which is an advertising platform that works over the cloud. In fact, the Comcast® division targets AdStor to content providers, advertisers, and programmers, and claims that it can reduce workflows to minutes as opposed to the required time to deliver ads with manual systems.