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One of the best cable providers in the US, Comcast Corporation® is all set to include Tile app in their Xfinity® X1 voice remote. Tile is an American electronics company that mainly focuses on the production of key finder devices employing Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Here, a companion app for Tile will be usually installed in the devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc., and you can easily spot the location of those items using the Tile app, by means of the Bluetooth signal.

This merger of the best selling Bluetooth tracker and one of the top cable providers will make it easier for their customers to find almost anything that is lost including human beings. For instance, if you want to find your lost keys, all you have to do is to say “Xfinity Home®, where are my keys?” into the Xfinity® X1 voice remote. The location of your key will be displayed on your television.

Ideally, customers use this kind of applications for finding their misplaced wallets, keys, and other personal items, mostly within their home or workspace. However, you can also use video and voice control partnership for some serious purposes as well like spotting the favorite toy of your child, tracking movements of the rebellious teenager kids, securing a medical advice, and many more.

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In a statement, the Senior Vice President of Comcast®, Sridhar Solur said, “This is a home automation partnership that helps solve real-life problems.” He further added, “Now, when a child arrives home from school, a parent can simply say, ‘Xfinity Home® where’s Sam’s backpack?’ into their voice remote and see that it was left at school. This is just one of the many peace-of-mind features we are making available to our customers on our evolving home automation platform.”

As for now, only the existing customers of Comcast® who have an X1 voice remote can make use of this option; these customers can simply add their Tile devices making use of the Xfinity Home® app. However, Tile and Comcast® have plans to expand this platform to all the internet customers of Xfinity® as well in the near future. Furthermore, the tracker works well with both Google Home® and Amazon Alexa®.

The CEO as well as the Co-Founder of the Tile, Mike Farley, said, “Tile is creating a world where everyone can find everything that matters. With the smart home being central to so many consumers’ lives, we are thrilled to be partnering with Comcast®. Together, we are bringing greater peace of mind to Xfinity customers in their home, providing a streamlined experience for them to quickly locate their things no matter where they are.”