DIRECTV and Dish are two of the most popular satellite television entertainment services in the US today. Both of them offer so many attractive services that we often get confused on which one to choose. A comparison of the services, however, would be quite helpful to figure out which one caters most to your needs.



DIRECTV Features

DIRECTV claims to serve more than 37 million customers across US and Latin America. They are known for offering premium video experience through their advanced technologies. Furthermore, they excel in their customer service and programming.

Key Features

When it comes to the number of channels being offered, DIRECTV tops most of its competitors. It offers more than 190 channels. All of them are full-time and are integrated with Dolby-Digital 5.1 theatre-quality sound.

DIRECTV boasts to offer channels on a perfect combination of genres such as sports, movies, news, adventure, travelling, lifestyle, and many more. It has the most comprehensive lists of sports channels out there. On top of that, it offers value added services such as featured programs on demands.

The sports programming offered by DIRECTV includes NBA League Pass.2, NFL Sunday Ticket and NHL Center ICE. The programs are offered in two different ways: for live streaming or on demand on your devices.

DIRECTV offers the world’s most advanced HD DVR. It helps you connect to multiple devices. So everyone at home can watch their favorite programs on their personal devices. The 2014 American Customer Satisfaction index shows that it is ranked higher than cable network and most other competitor satellite TV providers out there.



Dish Features

Dish offers DVR services at its best value. It is one of the fastest growing satellite television providers in the America. Currently, it serves more than 14 million subscribers.

Key Features

Dish is known for the integration of sophisticated technologies and highest quality programming. The programs and channels are offered at the best value and therefore many people tend to prefer it to other competitors.

Dish is prominent name in the pay-TV industry. It brings the most number of international channels within a single service. The HD and DVR technology used by Dish have come in the news quite a few times and have even won awards.