Cable TV Alternatives

Dish TV Channels

Time Warner Cable® and Dish® are two great TV service providers. They mainly differ in that while the former provides programming over cable, the latter does this over a satellite connection. Comparing the prominent features of both is an essential prelude to making choice between them. For one, it lets you figure out which suits you better. Following is a comparison of the basic plans and services offered by TWC and Dish.

Plan Options

The starter package from TWC brings you 20+ channels, a good way to spend affordably on local shows or news programs. Subscription offerings and costs go up from there, and the top package comes with 200+ channels, HBO®, and access to thousands of On Demand titles. Local channels would change based on the area.

Dish’s basic package starts off with a whopping 190 channels, a lot higher than basic cable plans. While the price is admittedly higher by a bit, the offering is still one of the most economical ways to enjoy a wide TV programming package. The top package is called America’s Everything Pack™, and has 330+ channels. Dish’s local plans may vary based on location.

Sports Lineup

Some of the regular sports channels are covered by the Preferred TV package from TWC, with the option for getting additional seasonal sports packages such as NHL® Center Ice®, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, and MLS Direct Kick for extra. Mixed packages are available with the TWC Sports Pass, which carries 25 sports channels that are available all year long (FOX College Sports, ESPN College Extra, Pac-12 Networks, etc.)

Dish Network Channels

Satellite Vs Cable

Dish has some basic sports coverage in the basic listings as well, including the supplementary Multi-Sport Pack™ with 35 sports channels, 20 of those regional. More seasonal packages can be purchased based on the sport of choice – football, baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, boxing, car racing, rugby, and cricket. The Outdoor Package carries channels covering hunting, shooting, and fishing.

TV Apps

The TWC TV® applets subscribers use their mobile device as a remote, allowing control of their TV and managing their DVR. The app also lets you stream live TV, allowing simultaneous multi-device viewing as well. You get around 16,000 On Demand titles on any viewing device in the home.

The Dish Anywhere™ app lets you watch TV on multiple devices, using the same subscription, and on any Internet-connected device while you are away from home. You can stream live TV, schedule recordings through the DVR, and get thousands of on-demand programs.