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Consumer report surveys that are conducted among the cable TV users revealed that they are not satisfied with the services offered by their providers. The telecom service ratings of Consumer Reports showed the disappointment of users who uses cable TV and internet bundle packages. Cable TV providers earned very low scores for overall customer satisfaction, when compared to satellite TV providers.

There is still hope for the cable services, as there were two bright spots in the survey. The first one is a fiber service that is run by Google in some markets and the other one is a municipal broadband service in Tennessee. Both these networks outpaced the other telecom companies in terms of values and customer satisfaction.

These ratings are based on a survey that was conducted recently on more than 172,000 users, who reported their experience on internet, pay TV and telephone. Some of the biggest cable networks of the country, like Comcast and TWC, are some of the bottom dwellers in terms of overall user satisfaction.

When it comes to internet, just 3 out of the 54 internet service providers got better than average score. Users of television, internet, and phone bundles were also not satisfied with the service.

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The survey included thirty pay TV service providers, out of which, 70 percent of the providers offered cable, 23 percent offered the services over fiber, and just 7 percent offered satellite services. Interestingly, bigger cable TV companies showed poor performance in the survey. Comcast, TWC, Charter, and Cox were in the last of the list. Even in terms of value of the service provided, the results were not good.

Many of the users who took part in the survey reported at least one negative experience with the service. The most common among the complaints were about the cost hike without any intimation. All these are evident signs that users would go for cable TV alternatives in the future.