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Launching Managed Wi-Fi

Cox Business® has announced that Managed Wi-Fi, their turnkey solution offered to business customers, is made available now to all subscribers in Northeast and areas in Southeast regions. Cox Business® Managed Wi-Fi would be rolled out across the nationwide footprint of one of the best internet providers, Cox Communications®.

Cox Business® started trialing Managed Wi-Fi service last year in select business locations. It enhances the productivity of Cox Business® customers, while also enriches the user experience with regards to fast and secure wireless internet connectivity.

“A smart business is a connected business,” said the Executive VP of Sales at Cox Business®, Steve Rowley. “Employees and customers expect superior connectivity while working, shopping or in some situations waiting. Cox Business® Managed Wi-Fi delivers superior network management, with the security and agile functionality that businesses demand.”

“Our business requires that customers wait for their food, and with Cox Business® Managed Wi-Fi, they no longer mind the extra minutes when we are busy,” said the COO of restaurant chain Piezonis, Victor Martinez. “We are in the restaurant business and don’t have the time to waste on slow WiFi providers. Managed Wi-Fi from Cox Business® is the solution we desperately needed!”

The wireless internet service of Cox Business® delivers 1 Gbps speeds to private and public Wi-Fi networks and offers guests the option to select bandwidth speed. Cox Business’s flexible technologies can deliver Wi-Fi coverage to indoor work areas that span up to 36000 sq. ft., which can be split as 24000 sq. ft. indoors and 12000 sq. ft. outdoors. The signal of long-range backhaul wireless network options with up to 1 gigabit per second speed has the capacity to deliver internet for a maximum of two hundred and fifty guests and employees.

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“Our Wi-Fi network is easier to access, more secure, and more manageable since partnering with Cox Business®,” said Brianna Howes, Journey Church. “We needed to provide a worry-free Wi-Fi experience to accommodate our church members, guests, and staff. With the new service, we’re happy we’ve been able to provide the connectivity our guests expect.”

Cox Business® offers round the clock monitoring of Wi-Fi network to help business customers focus on growing their net revenue. Its wireless internet management features, comprising secure connections, firewall protection, etc., also make sure that incoming guests to a business won’t be able to affect other guest users’ Wi-Fi experience.