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WiFi At Public Places

Cox Communications recently announced that their customers in most popular public places across the metropolitan Oklahoma City region would be able to access the providers internet service by using Cox Wi-Fi. Reports say that the service will be available to their subscribers in high traffic areas including Bricktown, Automobile Alley, Festival Marketplace in Edmond, and Campus Corner in Norman.

Cox is also planning to locate their hotspots in different parks and other popular gathering places across the region. The central region vice president of public affairs of Cox Communications, Kristin Peck, said that the Wi-Fi service will be available to Cox customers only, and they will be able to log in to the service by using their personal Cox user ID.

Peck added that the company has invested over 100 billion in order to keep their infrastructure high end. She also stated that Cox Communications was able to significantly boost their broadband speed by over 11,500 to their subscribers, who were under the most popular internet plans over the last few years.

“We wanted to make sure we that we were ready whatever our customers wanted, and whatever our customers needed,” Peck said. Mick Cornett, the Oklahoma City Mayor, was with Peck during this recent announcement about the providers Wi-Fi service, and he highly praised the efforts of the company and its workforce for this offering.

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“Cox is investing in our community, and that investment turns into jobs. It is raising the tax base of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area,” Cornett said. “Additionally, they are improving the quality of life in Oklahoma City with products like this. This is a wonderful public-private partnership. We consider Cox as someone who is there with us as a corporate partner whenever we are trying to pass a public initiative and trying to move the city forward.”

“We appreciate they want to be at the cutting edge, because Oklahoma City wants to be at the cutting edge as well,” The Mayor further added. Peck said that the speed offered by the company and its Cable Wi-Fi hotspots are a lot faster than the speed offered by other home internet service providers in the country. Peck also added that Cox Communications is planning to increase the number of their Wi-Fi hotspots in the metropolitan region from early 2017.