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Cox Digital Academy

One of the best internet service providers in the United States, Cox Communications® recently announced their plans to launch Cox® Digital Academy. The proposed academy from the telecom giant is actually an expansion of their most popular Connect2Compete (C2C) program.

The officials from Cox Communications® also confirmed that the academy will be offering online educational resources and training to users for free. The officials are hopeful that this new program will significantly increase competency in social media, housing, jobs, education, and more. Reports indicate that this new offering will be available to students, educators, and parents for improving digital skills.

The President of Cox Communications®, Pat Esser said, “After nearly two decades of offering low-income access programs and connecting families to the internet, the Cox Digital Academy is a natural extension of our Connect2Compete program that better equips children and parents to maximize the power of those connections with online tools.”

He further added, “Access is an important first step, but digital literacy must be maximized to ensure that we close the digital divide for children and enable them to compete in the modern marketplace.” Cox® has also confirmed that their Cox® Digital Academy will offer tools, resources, and content from EVERFI, the Public Library Association, and Common Sense that covers the following.

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    Offer Online Educational Resources

    Computer and internet basics, which will provide users a crystal clear idea on how to create and manage email accounts, how to access and search the web and on how to navigate through the search engines.

  • Educational resources and games for teachers and students, that offers new teaching strategies, homework help, and more.
  • Job skills that enable parents to navigate through the job search engines without much difficulty. In addition, this will also help them to fill out online applications and create resumes on their own.
  • Social media and online safety, which provides children and parents access to the tools that help them to protect social media privacy, prevent cyber bullying, and learn more about the basics of different social media platforms.
  • Online financial literacy to help users manage an online budget and easily set up and manage a checking account online.

Several experts in the field of telecommunications believe that this new program from Cox®, who is the fastest internet provider in several parts of the country, will benefit students and parents and allows them to enjoy tons of benefits.