Cox Communications Uses Super Bowl Ad To Sell Panoramic Wi-Fi

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It is reported that Cox Communications ran a 30-second commercial during the presentation of Super Bowl LI. The ad that is developed with the help of the ad agency Doner, featured a family of 4 members tossing a tablet from one member to the other across the house, trying to showcase the panoramic Wi-Fi product from Cox Communications.

The panoramic Wi-Fi service was rolled out in California in the month of October and features professional installation of Wi-Fi device, which includes Arris TG2472 Dual Band Wi-Fi Modem and NetGear extenders, wherever necessary. The service also offers an app that can be used to monitor and control the network. Cox said that they also provide round the clock support for the service.

By developing and offering Panoramic Wi-Fi services, Cox is avoiding the prospect of licensing similar Digital Home product offered by Comcast that was announced at CES before a month. Canada’s Roger Communications licenses the Xfinity X1 video platform from Comcast, like Cox. They have recently revealed their plans to license the Digital Home technology from Comcast.

“Broadband service is no longer just a fast internet connection to your home. Today people expect WiFi that connects all devices anywhere in the home – around walls, upstairs, down stairs, on the patio,” said Gaston Vaneri, who is the senior VP of brand for Cox Communications. “They want continuous access—to stats, instant replays, social feeds. Panoramic WiFi from Cox delivers just that—wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, backwards and forward. We had a little fun showing that with the launch spot.”

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Super Bowl Ad

Representatives of Cox have not yet responded on the money spent on the Super Bowl advertisement. However, as per reliable sources, marketers are spending anywhere from 5 to 5.5 million dollars to run the 30 second national spot.

“Cox Communications is a regional player, but it’s with technology and marketing risk-taking puts them on par with global leaders,” said Eric Weisberg, who is the global chief creative officer for Doner. “We needed to create an ad that defies logic in the same way panoramic WiFi does and to convince our audience that it’s like nothing they’ve experienced before.”