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As per Cox Communications, one of the best internet providers in the US, the future is here and it is much tech happy. Cox has predicted that the average household in the US will have about fifty devices that are connected to the internet very soon, when compared to the average number of six devices today. It is reported that Cox Communications is planning to host an interactive Smart Home event to display their high-speed internet capabilities.

Cox Communications has partnered with Fletcher Oaks community to conduct the interactive Smart Home event. The event, located at 3648 NW 28th Court was announced after the Gainesville City Commission voted to study the internet issues in counties like Alachua and Gainesville, said Bryan Eastman, who is one of the co-founders of the internet advocacy group named Connected Gainesville.

Cam Johnson, a Cox public affairs manager said that Cox Communications would organize a show at a Fletcher Oaks model home. This smart home will be connected to fifty plus devices making use of the best internet service from Cox Communications. “By 2022, we’ll have 50-plus devices in every home,” Johnson said. “We want to show that Cox internet can support that today with packages already available to our customers.”

Eastman agreed with this. “I think Cox is 100-percent right,” Eastman said. “We’re going to be more dependent on high-speed internet in the future, but Gainesville lacks the accessibility and affordability to support that,” he said.

Eastman further added that some pockets in Hawthorne and east Gainesville are unable to access broadband internet services. Gainesville City Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos is also invited to the event. Eastman said that Cox invited him to the event.

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Hayes had earlier said that Gainesville has only one business that sells broadband internet and Cox Communications takes advantage of this situation. “Being an innovation city means we should be a leader and not lagging behind the rest of the state,” Hayes-Santos said.

Johnson said that Cox offers many high-speed internet packages that suits to the need of customers and that they are willing to help with internet study. “Cox hopes to be an active participant with the study,” Johnson said. “We’re happy to partner with the county and city to help with whatever the study may find.”