Cox Internet

High-Speed Internet

Cox Communications has recently launched their high-speed internet for the residential users at Park Avenue Apartments. Reports say that they are also planning to expand the reach of the high-speed internet connection throughout the Ocala and Gainesville service area by 2017. The high-speed internet connection from Cox is called G1GABLAST service and it costs 99 dollars a month.

As per Cox, with the speed of one gigabit per second, users will be able to download a high-definition movie in under a minute, a hundred songs in just three seconds, and upload a thousand images in just 60 seconds. Cox claims that the G1GABLAST internet service is hundred times faster than the speeds offered by average DSL connections.

The first plans of Cox were to expand their service to new developments. However, they have now announced their plans to offer G1GABLAST service, which also includes free Wi-Fi. Cox made the announcement in a ceremony that was conducted at the new Park Avenue Apartments, which was opened on August 1 at 3800 NW 79th Terrace. Officials from Cox Communications claimed that G1GABLAST service is the fastest Wi-Fi in-home service currently available in the area.

Cox G1GABLAST Internet

G1GABLAST Internet Speeds

Cox internet offers residential internet speeds of up to 300 megabits per second. Users can subscribe to the service for 84.99 dollars per month for the first year, and 99.99 dollars thereafter, all across the service area of the connection. The average home in America will have more than six devices that make use of internet connection, and with such a superfast service, users can also run all the devices in their home that make use of internet at the same time.

It is reported that AT&T is also planning to introduce 1 GBps Fiber internet service to Gainsville with a subscription cost of 90 dollars a month, but they have not released any details on when the service will begin. Gainesville Regional Utilities’ GRUCom offers service with speed up to 1GBps to some of the apartment complexes, but they do not offer any direct residential service.

It is expected that there would be a tough competition in the internet sector after AT&T launched their service in Gainesville. However, Cox seems quite positive on attracting many more subscribers to their G1GABLAST internet service by then.