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The telecom giant, Cox Communications® is determined to hook some of the Cranston families up with low cost high-speed internet service. However, the officials from the telecom company recently stated that customers who get qualified through their Connect2Compete initiative would only be eligible for receiving the new high-speed internet offering

The Public Relations Manager of Cox Communications®, Jeff Lavery talked about the benefits and requirements of the Connect2Compete initiative. He said that customers will not have to sign a contract and they will not even have to make a deposit. Additionally, the $9.95 internet installment will also be exclusively free for eligible customers.

“This is a program that is in effect nationwide and then there are cable companies like Cox® that basically raise their hand to be the local connecter,” Lavery said. “The program is still going strong. We had 87 families signed up in 2016. We just continue to see the benefits from it. It seems to dovetail nicely with a lot of the things that are happening at the statewide level.”

Some of the qualification criteria’s for the program are as follows.

  • Families should be living in a Cox® service area and they should a minimum of one student from kindergarten through grade 12 in the Cranston system.
  • There should be no outstanding Cox® bills or no unreturned Cox equipment.
  • No Cox® internet subscription in the last 90 days.

The officials from Cox Communications® also stated that the families who participate in any one of the following programs would also be eligible for receiving the new high-speed internet service.

  • SNAP
  • TNAF
  • National Free School Lunch
  • Public Housing or Section 8 Voucher
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Connect2Compete Initiative

Lavery said, “Schools are increasingly trying to move to environments to provide students with laptops or Chromebooks. Teachers want to migrate to a curriculum where there’s some classroom structure, but they take that work home. If you’re making strikes for a kid that learns that way, they continue that self-teaching. It’s a burden for a child who can’t keep up. This gets everybody on that same page.”

Cox Communications® is one of the best internet service providers in the country and this new offering from the telecom giant will certainly bring a number of benefits to several families in the region.