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DirecTV and Dish are two leading satellite television service providers in USA. They always make news by offering exclusive packages, introducing sophisticated technologies, etc. If you are a television buff, you will definitely have a hard to time choose between DirecTV and Dish because both offer quite attractive deals. However, your personal tastes and choices can always play a big role in helping you determine the right service. Here are some of the notable differences between Dish and DirecTV in terms of packages, technologies used, subscription charges, etc.

Customer Service

DirecTV is always noted for their better customer support services. After the company was acquired by AT&T, the quality of customer support has been improved and it is reported that customers are hardly put on hold while contacting the DirecTV customer support desk.

Well, Dish Network is not behind DirecTV in terms of customer support either. Dish also provides 24/7 assistance, and has well-mannered and professionally skilled agents for providing customer support assistance. They understand the problems of the customers very quickly and resolve them in time bound manner.


Both Dish Network and DirecTV offer somewhat similar packages. Both of them offer 6 different packages and the subscription charges are somewhat similar.

The basic ck offered by Dish is the Smart Pack. It comes with 55 plus channels and is offered at $19.99 per month. An equivalent package from DirecTV is the Select Pack. It offers 145 plus channels at the same price tag of $19.99 per month.

DirecTV Packages

Better Customer Support

Other Dish Network packages are America’s Top 120 (190 plus channels), America’s Top 120 Plus (190 plus channels), America’s Top 200 (240 plus channels), America’s Top 250 (290 plus channels), and America’s Everything Pack (315 plus channels). Their subscription charges are $29.99, $34.99, $39.99, $39.99 and $86.99 respectively.

DirecTV offers equally attractive packages at appealing price ranges too. DirecTV’s major packages other than the basic Select Pack are Entertainment (150 plus channels at $24.99), Choice (175 plus channels at $29.99, XTRA (220 plus channels at $34.99, ULTIMATE (240 plus channels at $39.99) and PREMIER (315 plus channels at $89.99).

Both Dish and DirecTV packages are equally convincing and are offered at competitive price ranges. A detailed comparison of the channels list might help you figure out what suits best for you.