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The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) tournament has been flagged off and no one would want to miss it, because it is one of the most awaited and celebrated sport events in the country. Nevertheless, some are not getting the opportunities now to watch the programs because they don’t have access to the channels where the NCAA matches are telecasted.

Interestingly, if you are a subscriber of any of leading satellite television services like DirecTV, getting the channel that telecasts these matches won’t be a big deal. DirecTV subscribers can now watch the NCAA tournament on TruTV.

How To Watch The Event

NCAA matches start in March, creating March madness among the crazy basketball fans across the country. This year, the organizers have taken all the steps to make the matches viewable for people across the country because it is telecasted across the CBS networks. If you have subscribed to any CBS networks affiliated channels, you can watch the sports without any problems.

As the craze for the national championship gets to full spirit, TrueTV will be announcing a lot of new programs as well. In short, TrueTV won’t isolate its non-basketball viewers during the time of NCAA tournament either.

DirecTV Family Package

NCAA Tournament

When TrueTV was launched a few years ago, no one knew about it or about the exclusive features it offered. However, the channel became popular when leading satellite television services like DirecTV started to host it on their platform. Most of the DirecTV packages including DirecTV Family package and DirecTV Choice package include TruTV now.

Even if you are subscribed to TruTV in your DirecTV Family package, it can be a difficult thing for you to know where it is located. When the matches are played, you cannot simply wait searching for the channel and miss the good part of the game. If you are a DirecTV customer, just tune to channel 246 and enjoy the event.