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There are multiple satellite service providers in America. Nevertheless, DirecTV and Dish Network dominate the industry with their innovative features and attractive deals. People often make a Dish vs DirecTV comparison before choosing between either of them. According to recent statistics, DirecTV and Dish Network account for more than half of the total satellite TV subscriptions in the country. Both of them offer competitive details at affordable rate.

DirecTV offers an exclusive option now to restart or rewind shows that are already in progress. The best part is that you do not require a DVR set-top box to enjoy this feature. When you turn on your TV and tune in to your favorite channel where the show is in progress, you can see a circular arrow next to the show title. You just need to click on this arrow in the On-Screen Guide to be able to view the show from the beginning.

Most customers find this new addition of the ‘Rewind and Restart’ feature as a progressive step by DirecTV. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about the scarcity of favorite shows during your weekends. Just choose the show that you missed and start watching them from the beginning without any additional charges.

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The ‘Rewind and Restart’ show option can be used for shows that were broadcasted in the last 72 hours. You do not have to record any show in order to use this feature either. But if you are using DVR set-top box, you need to press the Plus (+) icon next to the channel number in order to use this feature.

Immediately after watching the missed episode, DirecTV will bring up the next episode on the screen. Upon choosing a particular episode, the next episodes are put in chronological order so that you don’t miss any of the thrilling moments of your favorite show.

If you have any questions about ‘Rewind and Restart’ feature, you can contact DirecTV customer support to clarify the same. DirecTV customer support desk functions 24/7 and can be reached online or via the toll free number 1 800-531-5000.