DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Weather App

With a DirecTV subscription, there are plenty of means to pass your time. In fact, your subscription with DirecTV offers much more features than just the television channels. The most notable feature with DirecTV Family package or common DirecTV packages is the interactive applications bundled with them. With these apps, you will have a lot of entertainments, interactive programs, edutainment, and many more. Here is a look at some of the free HD TV apps bundled with DirecTV Family package.

DirecTV Weather App

The DirecTV Weather app will let you know the weather in your region. You can choose up to five cities in this app and view the updated weather info of all these places. No other satellite television service offers an app as useful as this one.

Fantasy Football App

The Fantasy Football is a pretty useful and appealing app for the football buffs out there. It helps you stay updated on the latest buzz from Fantasy Football league.

What’s Hot?

This is another innovative app from DirecTV. As the name indicates, this app will give you an idea about the latest and trendiest shows going on at DirecTV.


DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Fantasy Football

ScoreGuide is an app to get the latest sports scores. With this app, you can get schedules and standings for all the major sports events going on across the world. By customizing this app, you can get the scores of even college sports events. Another advantage with ScoreGuide is the ability to see the schedule for all the sports events coming up in the next 7 days. If you have missed out any sports events, you can get a detailed score list of those events in this app as well.

How To Access DirecTV Apps

The DirecTV apps can be accessed quite easily. You just need to press the right arrow key on your remote control and it will list down the apps. You can then choose the desired app using the Up and Down arrow keys. Highlight the app that you wish to open and press the select button. By pressing the Exit or Back button, you can exit the app.