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The highly anticipated pre-season games of NFL 2016 are scheduled to start within a few weeks. This is one of the most anticipated sports events of the year and apparently has a huge fan base. In view of that, NFL fans, that might not be able to watch the live coverage of games on TV, are looking for mobile streaming services. However, there are a few other options available to the mobile users as well.

NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Sunday Ticket Max are the best and most popular streaming services by DirecTV, which can be used to stream live NFL games all the yearlong. NFL had introduced an improved version of their streaming service, NFL Game Pass, in the previous year. This streaming service offered the streaming of 256 regular season games, super bowl games, and play-off games to the subscribers.

Game Pass streaming service was available in many devices such as computers, TV’s, smartphones, tablets, and many more, but one of the major limitations of this streaming service was that live coverage of NFL games was not available to the subscribers. The subscribers could only access the highlights of the games.

This is what makes NFL Sunday Ticket special to the mobile users. Subscribers can now stream and watch live coverage of NFL games through NFL Sunday Ticket streaming service. Many NFL fans claim that NFL Sunday Ticket streaming service offered by DirecTV is the best way to watch live coverage of NFL games. Furthermore, DirecTV offers this service at zero extra charges to their new subscribers. However, this service can also be bundled with your AT&T package, because AT&T owns DirecTV now.


DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

Almost every single game played on every Sunday can be easily accessed through NFL Sunday Ticket. This service is available to current DirecTV subscribers at an affordable rate of $269. However, subscribers who have special renewal service will receive this service at a lesser rate. DirecTV also allows the subscribers to pay their fees in split payments. NFL fans also get access to the out-of-market games through this streaming service.

Subscribers can also watch multiple games on a single screen at the same time through this streaming service. NFL Sunday Ticket Max would be available for $359.