DirecTV Now Will Become The Primary Video Platform Of AT&T

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Reports indicate that the latest streaming service from AT&T Inc, DirecTV Now, will become the primary video platform of the company by the year 2020. AT&T has been working very hard to launch a video-delivery system, which is capable of carrying multiple live feeds to broadband subscribers.

DirecTV Now will be available to the subscribers by the end of the year and this streaming service will enable subscribers to access their favorite programs and other quality channels without the need for a satellite dish or cable hookup. AT&T is planning to target almost 20 million households, who have not yet subscribed to any satellite or cable services, and are commonly referred to as cord-nevers.

The latest streaming service from AT&T will offer more than 100 popular channels and allow a user to stream the content on more than one device simultaneously. In the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference, which was held at New York, CEO Randall Stephenson said that, “This is exclusively an over-the-top product. This is no set-top box; this is no truck roll, this is a customer pulling down an app, getting a very robust platform.”

AT&T has been searching for different strategies to fight against major TV competitors such as Inc. and Netflix Inc. These streaming services have attracted plenty of subscribers by offering them streaming services at a much lower price. AT&T successfully acquired satellite provider DirecTV back in 2015 in an estimated $48.5 billion deal. Yet, AT&T had to face an approximate loss of 100,000 TV customers since 2016.

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The telco giant is planning to initially target their budget-minded consumers through their latest online streaming platform. AT&T has also promised that their wireless subscribers will receive the DirecTV Now streaming service for free. However, they have not yet revealed the pricing details for the service.

It is expected that AT&T will be able to cut down their customer service costs and offer the streaming service at a competitive price to other streaming service providers such as Sony Corp., if the company can attract more subscribers. However, DirecTV Now will have to face a tight competition from Dish Network’s Sling TV, as the basic package from Sling begins at $20 and offers 28 popular channels.