Dish Vs DirecTV

DirecTV Subscription

If people make a comparison between Dish vs DirecTV before going to purchase any of the services, it is because of the top-notch features that both of them offer. Today, DirecTV and Dish Network are popular satellite service providers in America. They are far ahead of other services in terms of the number of subscriptions and features offered.

DirecTV has been incorporated with many stunning features and options lately. But it appears that not all users are quite aware of these features. While most people are concerned about DirecTV Select package and Dish vs DirecTV comparisons, a lot of interesting features remain hidden. One of such DirecTV feature is the ‘Search’ option.

DirecTV Advanced ‘Search’ Feature

You may have noticed that DirecTV comes with a search option. Using this option, you can search for movies, actors, sports team, or whatever you like. Also, DirecTV will store your recent search logs so that you can easily resume the same listing once again. DirecTV’s recent search option is quite simple.

DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV Features

The recent search/recent search options can be used only if you have got a DVR or SD receiver. If you already have them, simply press the menu on your remote and hit the button for ‘Search for Shows.’ It would bring up a list of options. From there, you can choose ‘Recent Searches.’ Scroll down to find information such as name of actors, subject, time, etc. Once you have found what you have been searching for, select it and the information will be displayed.

The option to view recent search logs is a unique feature with DirecTV. No other services, including Dish Network offers this. For more details about DirecTV subscription and DirecTV packages, get in touch with the customer support desk today.