Dual HD Format

UFC fans with a 4K TV are getting a chance to view the event in HD. As per the recent reports, a separate 4K telecast of the complete event will be made available for TV viewers via pay per view mode through DirecTV and the app. This telecast will be the first live PPV offering in 4K from DirecTV.

A report from the research firm HIS reveals that less than 10 percent of homes in the US owned 4K television at the beginning of this year, but the numbers will go to 18 percent by the end of 2016. The new endeavor will result in an increase of 10% in the production costs of UFC, as new 4K capable cameras, different production trucks, and more manpower is necessary to shoot the event in 4K.

“In times of consumer impressions and number of buys, we understand that the audience is somewhat small at this stage,” said UFC Exec VP/Operations & Production Craig Borsari. “We’re really focused on having a clean, technically sound broadcast in 4K…. Every six months that goes by, the pool of 4K consumers is going to continue to grow, and ultimately it will be the technology that sports fans demand,” he added.

DirecTV Select Package

UFC 200

A successful test transmission of the 4K technology was conducted at UFC 199. There will be seven cameras that offer 4K and dual HD streams, and the video will be made available to the viewers through two production trucks. Each of these trucks will be making its own broadcast with unique graphics and directions. “What’s happening on your HD feed isn’t necessarily what you’re going to be seeing on the 4K side,” Borsari said.

Commentary will be the same for both 4K and dual HD streams. Zach Candito, who is the Coordinating Producer of UFC, will coordinate between the separate production trucks. AT&T Entertainment Group Senior VP/Content Operations, John Ward, said that the crew of 4K transmission would be taking some cues from dual HD crew to ensure consistency in narration.