DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Family Package

Comcast has approximately 22 million customers in about 40 U.S. states, with DirecTV following that with 20 million customers in just about anywhere you can drop a satellite dish. Let us see how both the TV service providers allure subscribers.

Installation Fee

You may be required to pay an installation fee of about $50 when signing up for Comcast Xfinity. The company also allows you in choosing between professional installation and self-installation. On the other hand, DirecTV does not charge any installation fee if you sign the two-year agreement.

List Of HD Channels

Xfinity offers close to 130 channels in areas like Philadelphia with Disney, Discovery, CNN, RetroPlex, G4tech, and 3D Events, all in HD. DirecTV lists 166 HD channels, which includes local HD networks on their website, along with many channels that Xfinity doesn’t offer.

On Demand Services

Both the TV service providers offer plenty of On Demand options. It keeps increasing with the more premium channels you subscribe to. Comcast’s Xfinity offers thousands of titles from their library, wherein some are free while others can be rented for a nominal fee.

DirecTV claims that they have 10,000 titles under their On Demand library. Some are provided free of cost while others are made available with Premium subscriptions.

TV Anywhere

DirecTV Select Package

TV Anywhere

Xfinity offers cloud based X1 platforms, which allow users to record and watch programs on multiple devices anywhere from home. It also allows users to turn mobile phones into remote controls.

With DirecTV Everywhere though, customers can watch live or recorded content on their tablet or smartphone on the go. They also provide remote browsing, viewing, and DVR scheduling.


Xfinity’s DVR can record up to four shows at a time, and lets you watch the fifth program simultaneously. The DVR can stack up to 500 GB or 60 hours of HD programming. Then again, DirecTV’s Genie DVR comes with 1 TB storage space, and allows users to store about 150 hours of their favorite programs.

Also with Genie, subscribers can record up to 5 shows at a time and watch two channels concurrently with picture in picture.