Full HD Services

DirecTV Full HD Services

Satellite television customers in America mostly choose between two companies: DirecTV and Dish. Both companies offer cutting edge packages and equipments, and it is sometimes difficult to choose one among them. The customers of both companies have the option to choose from a variety of DVR and non-DVR receivers.

DVR Options For Dish And DirecTV

DirecTV has introduced a highly sophisticated DVR receiver known as Genie. It comes with TiVo integration, providing customers the ability to watch programs from anywhere. Furthermore, the receiver is compatible with a number of devices such as Android phones, iPhone (4S and above), Mac, and Windows PC. It comes with additional equipment that enables you to watch your favorite programs on your favorite device from anywhere. Also, Genie comes with IR and RF remotes. It allows you to record up to 5 shows at a time.

With Genie, you can watch ‘On Demand’ content. It enables you to connect up to 8 televisions simultaneously. Other notable features incorporated with this awesome device includes DVR storage, 4K, PIP support, the ability to download content to compatible devices (mobile or laptop), home security, and wireless remote boxes. In addition to that, you get NFL Sunday tickets for free. Genie also supports local channels.

Dish Network also offers an equally appealing DVR receiver known as Hopper. Unlike Genie, Hopper does not support TiVo integration. It does not support any additional device support that could allow you to watch programs on other devices. Other features it misses as compared to Genie include 4K support, PIP, NFL Sunday Ticket, etc.

DirecTV Family Package

Installation Charges

However, Hopper has some really exciting features that Genie does not have. For instance, it allows you to skip commercials after 24 hrs. While Genie only allows you record 5 shows simultaneously, Hoppers lets you record 8 shows without any lagging. Hopper allows you to connect up to 6 TVs per home.

Hardware Options

Dish’s Hopper is quite fascinating with its amazing features. If you are a subscriber without a Hopper, you can now upgrade to it for free. All you need to do is to sign a 24-month contract. The programs that are downloaded in Hopper can be accessed from your compatible device (mobile or computer) without any additional cost.

Genie is DirecTV’s solution to offer full HD services to its customers. With a single device, you can enable full HD DVR service in all of your rooms. However, DirecTV will charge you an additional $10 per month for full HD programs through Genie.