DirecTV, which is owned by AT&T now, has launched a real-time news/weather mix channel. It will cover updated reports about the dangerous winter storm that is reportedly causing chaotic conditions in parts of the Northern states of the US and in the mid-Atlantic.

Reports indicate that strong winds and blizzard conditions were brought by the winter storm in those regions. The initiative was widely appreciated by the public and the politicians.

DirecTV sources said that the channel will be six-in-one in nature, meaning it would provide national storm coverage from six major news channels such as WeatherNation, Fox New, CNN, The Weather Channel, MSNBC, and also a regional channel from the affected area.

The company will be picking up the regional channels from the most affected areas to cover latest reports about the weather conditions and the calamities there. It has already associated with a group of select affiliates for regional coverage in the affected areas.

Initially, the news/weather mix channel will offer diverse combination of channels in different regions. The company has decided to offer WRLH (FOX) in Richmond and WJLA (ABC) in Washington D.C. When you select news/weather mix, it will display all the six channels on one screen. You can select a desired channel from them for full screen viewing using the remote control.

According to reports, the weather/news mix will be made available on channel number 361-1 until 7 p.m. ET every day. Special regional coverage can be viewed on channel number 361-2. The news/weather mix channel will be stopped once the winter storm recedes.

DirecTV Plans To Introduce Specialty Mix Channels For Presidential Election

DirecTV has said that it will offer specialty mix channels for the presidential election and other upcoming events like golf, tennis, and the Olympics. DirecTV customers across the country are looking forward to see how it’s going to cover the upcoming presidential election campaign. The company has several plans to implement an interactive mix channel for the event.

During the last election, DirecTV’s election mix channel had a real-time election blog and eight network feeds. It had also offered live updates of exit polling data and electrical count projections. Something similar to that can be expected this time as well.