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Dish Network has already garnered plenty of talk from its recent entry into the mobile phone repair business, but the satellite video provider is still very active in its original trade. The company is also one of the leading suppliers of movie and TV trailers, and has announced that it will be adding promotional videos to its acclaimed Dish Hopper 3, Joey, and Dish Anywhere website. This takes IVA’s extensive collection of trailer content, APIs, and data matching to let the company deliver trailers to its subscribers.

Studies show that trailers and previews make up the most important part of a consumer’s choice-process when it comes to viewing content. For subs, there is now the option to get a better view of what they are about to watch, which will boost the discovery experience. The Hopper 3 and 4K Joey interfaces bring include theatrical trailers that let viewers know about upcoming titles, and also reminds the user when any of those become available through the service.

President Rhodes Mason says the newly implemented trailers will allow subscribers to easily navigate into the UI and find “a wealth of content”. He pointed out that these are now an “essential tool for content discovery and sell-through”, which has been in use for more than a century so that the movie industry could drive audience interest.

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Movie And Game Trailers

Internet Video Archive is one of the largest distributors of trailers from movies, TV, and games, which offers technology to fortune 500 companies and start-up businesses. It is established as a reputed provider of record archives with a wide range of audio-visual samples, and for using scrupulous data husbandry and top-notch systems, which provide scalability and customizability.

Dish’s new trailer system is one of the ways it soundly beats channel surfing online. Services like Sling TV or PlayStation VUE can make you miss cable, because there isn’t the option there to connect your own DVR. While streaming services offer channels the same way as cable, there are also limits to the episodes provided by different networks.

VUE comes with an internet-based DVR that lets you watch channels based on your device, or the mode of connecting online (Wi-Fi or cell network), but it deletes stored shows after 28 days.