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An outside look at the sphere of satellite TV can sometimes make you think choosing a provider is going to be easy. In the end, the choice is whittled down to two major competitors – Dish Vs DirecTV – that means there is that 50% chance you will choose the right one. The hard part is choosing between the two, and it is not as everyone can go with a coin toss on this one.

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Each satellite provider has points in favor of and against it, and you are going to have to work through them to know you didn’t make a mistake. It is the things like service price which tip the balance, and that is where Dish now scores higher than DirecTV. The company recently made news by giving out a 3-year price lock if you sign a 2-year contract with them.

Until now, both Dish and DirecTV had the same 2-year contract requirement. Under that scheme, customers paid discounted fees for the first year, and hiked ones the next. What Dish has done is let subscribers save money the year after that. Known for its lower priced tiers which it provides to existing customer, Dish has made its pricing more distinct with this move.

The Top 120 Plus service from Dish America comes at $49.99 a month if you take the 3-year contract, which is lot of saving for subs. The TV service provider has also started giving customers a year of Netflix viewing for free. This is free for life to new customers as well.

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Dish has been also doing well in the sports programming area. With recent improvements including the addition of professional sports packages including MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, and NHL Center Ice to Dish Network channel list, the provider has come a long way. The only place it falls short is in the NFL Sunday Ticket package, for which is DirecTV has exclusive right.

Dish offers the first TV receiver for free, and among the Dish Network channels dedicated to sports programming are free as well. In this aspect, Dish is even with DirecTV. It is also important to note that there is no fee charged for local channels.

The latest iteration of Dish’s Hopper DVR carries 16 tuners and brings 4K video quality, allowing viewing from up to 7 TVs in the home. However, you would need to pay $10 to $15 per month as service fees for that.