Dish Hopper 3

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In the present scenario, the major downside with cable television services is the inability to record television shows. Interestingly, most of the satellite TV providers have a solution for this. They offer DVR services that would allow you to record your favorite or must-see shows during the busy schedules. You can watch them later on when you have got free time.

However, many of the existing DVR options are not ideal because they would only allow you to record a limited number of shows at a time. Consequently, you are forced to forgo many of your favorite shows. Well, Dish comes with an ideal solution to this problem with its latest Hopper 3 technology.

Goodbye To DVR Recording Conflicts

Dish Network has introduced a latest technology known as Hopper 3, which helps you to record multiple shows at a time. So, you would not lose any of your favorite shows hereafter.

Dish Hopper 3 will not create any recording conflicts or hassles. According to the company, this technology allows you to record 16 movies or TV shows simultaneously. This is made possible with the help of 16 independent tuners integrated with this device. In fact, the goal of introducing this new technology is to ensure hundred percent conflict free recording.

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Hopper 3 Technology

Dish Hopper 3 is the most powerful DVR out there at the moment. It contains several great features like YouTube App, Sports Bar Mode, 4K ready, etc., in addition to the highlight feature of simultaneous recording.

Sports Bar Mode is the most talked feature incorporated in Dish Hooper 3. This unique feature would allow you to play four of your favorite HD channels simultaneously on your 4K television screen. Nevertheless, you can also use this feature on other TV sets. With non-4K TVs though, the resolution will be lower, but this feature will still work without any problem.

Dish Hopper 3 is powered with highly advanced hardware elements such as quad-core Arm processor, Broadcom 7445, USB 3.0 connectivity, and 2 TB internal storage. According to Dish Network, it is possible to store 500 hours of HD content in Hopper 3.