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Dish Fixing Phones

Dish Network is looking to expand its services in the most unlikely ways. The company is offering to fix smartphone screens for consumers around the country. With an existing national network of technicians who will visit customers in their homes to set up TV service, this allows consumers to get services including mounting a TV to the wall, and selling sound bars and screen cleaner. And also, get their phones repaired while there is a technician visiting.

The last has been a growing-pain point for consumers, and Dish, by self-admission is “uniquely positioned to provide a service like this as one of the few companies that can get to a home or business nationwide very quickly.” This was part of statement by John Swieringa, Dish’s Executive Vice President of operations.

Dish’s home services are a thriving business, with installations beyond the satellite dish having doubled over the past year to 3 million. The company will be peddling services in smaller repair shops and through online services such as uBreakiFix, iCracked, and even Apple Care. The difference from rivals has to be in the choice of tapping into the already operational technician network. Swieringa said the new service is in about 20,000 customer homes a day.

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Dish’s Smart Phone Repair

Cracked screens are the most common cause for cell phone repairs in the country, with around 25 percent of the $3.9 billion consumer expenditure going into this. The statistic is from IBISWorld, an industry research firm in New York. The second and third most common causes for repair are water damage and battery replacement, each making up 20 percent. The way phone damage is becoming more common, it will grow at a 2.2 percent rate for the next several years.

“Dish has a nationwide network of trusted technicians who deliver a consistent, exceptional experience for our customers as they visit 20,000 homes daily,” said Swieringa, adding that the launch of smartphone repair is “the next step in this progression.” The repair page lets users specify their device type and see the price for service. All fees include a $35 travel charge for the visiting technician.