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Affordable Package From Dish

Dish brings yet another exciting package for their subscribers. Earlier, Dish Network subscribers had to pay for the sports channels included in their packages, even the ones who didn’t follow sports. However, the new “skinny” bundle offer has excluded many sports channels in the Dish network channel list including ESPN.

Sports channels are included in majority of the packages offered by satellite networks, and this is because of the huge amount of sports followers in the country. The major problem however, which raises due to the inclusion of these channels in majority of the packages, is that even the subscribers who don’t follow sports have to pay for these channels.

The new “Flex Pack” offered by Dish Network changes everything. Available to the customers at an affordable rate of $30 per month excluding tax and fees, this pack allows you to skip the sports channels you don’t watch. In fact, Dish is not the first satellite TV provider to exclude sports channels in a package. Comcast and Verizon Fios are already offering special packages with and other sports channels excluded. Even Verizon’s exclusion of ESPN from their package urged ESPN Network to sue the company.

Craig Moffett of MoffettNathanson Research said that Custom TV by Verizon has “been diluted pretty badly.” But according to Verizon spokesman Ray McConville, the revised version of Custom TV is more popular and the changes made in the revised version were related to the customer feedback.

Dish Network

Economic Package From Dish

Warren Schlichting, Dish Network’s executive vice president of marketing, programming, and media sales, announced about the new packages and said that Dish has a “a good relationship with ESPN” and it takes “cooperation on both sides”. However, the ESPN representative has not yet commented on this.

Moffett also commented that if the other companies do not complain against the new offers as provided by Dish Network, then this might force other satellite providers to also introduce similar packages, and the subscribers who don’t watch sports channels can save a lot of money.

Schlichting said that the new packages are not focused on the subscribers who have canceled Dish subscription and it is not to raise a completion for the live streaming service either. However, this package will compete against the other Dish Network packages for sure.