Dish Network Channels

Dish Election Coverage

Dish Network, one of the leading satellite service providers in USA, is all set to introduce a unique coverage service for the upcoming presidential elections. Following the paths of DirecTV, Dish Network will offer a live coverage of election campaigns from multiple networks on a single channel. In addition to that, the Dish Network is conducting Exit Polls as well, known as special cell phone poll, where viewers will be allowed to vote for their favorite presidential candidate.

National And State Coverage Of Election Campaigns

This special mix channel will offer both national and state coverage of election news and campaigns. There will also be option to choose single network from the mix channels to view in full-screen format. As per the reports, the networks that will be included in the election mix package are MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, MTV Comedy Central, and MTV Music Television.

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Dish Network Packages

Dish Bundled Packages

Sources close to Dish Network report that the specialty package is crafted in such way that it meets the needs of all types of audience, ranging from youngsters to adults to retirees. Choosing individual channels from the multiple networks is made quite simple and easy.

For this year’s election coverage, Dish Network will be updating its technologies for the mix of channels. Live flash, blogs, etc., are some of the features that it has planned out and introduced.

Back in 2004, Dish was the first satellite service provider to introduce ITV, a technology that enabled picture-in-picture technology. The incorporation of this technology allowed the company to offer live coverage of the US presidential election then. More than 9 million customers used the Dish Network service to stay updated about the election news. This year, the Dish Network will still be using the same technology; but with more sophisticated technologies.