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One of the best internet providers in the country, Dish Network is using a debt offering to generate $1 billion. The wireless spectrum holder and satellite television provider hinted that they might use this amount for “spectrum-related strategic transactions.”

The debt offering that generates money for Dish Network is actually about 2.375% convertible notes, which are due in the year 2024. Reports indicate that this amount will be sold to a cluster of institutional investors. The value of these notes will be about $82.22 per share when they are matured.

The fastest internet service provider, Dish Network is also involved in the 600 MHz incentive auction proceedings of the Federal Communications Commission at present. Reports from several sources claim that Dish Network will wait for the outcome of this program to add it to their established haul of spectrum resources.

In a recent statement, the officials from Dish Network added that the telecom company currently holds about 75 MHz of spectrum nationwide. However, Dish officials also added that they have not put them to use for commercial wireless services including spectrum in the lower 700 MHz E-Block, spectrum around the 2 GHz band from the H-Block auction, and spectrum in the 1.7/2.1 GHz band through the FCC’s AWS-3 and AWS-4 auctions.

Reports claim that the telecom giant recently filed documents with the FCC in which they agreed to meet the build-out requirements for their AWS-4 and 700 MHz E-Block licenses. This will be done through a “5G” network deployment, which is in support of IoT services.

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In the filing, the telecom company also stated that they are planning to meet FCC’s 2020 deadline for their entire spectrum license. The officials from Dish Network also added that their focus is on using narrowband-IoT technology.

“While we will continue to explore partnership opportunities, the current plan is to deploy a network on our own or in possible cooperation with Northstar Wireless and SNR Wireless, two entities in which Dish subsidiaries made non-controlling investments in connection with the AWS-3 auction,” the company stated. “We also are open to exploring joint build partnerships that could reduce overall network deployments costs for Dish and other operators who may be upgrading or deploying their own networks in the same time frame.”