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Internet television is literally dominating the entire entertainment industry these days. It has brought forth rapid developments that have led to an abandoning of conventional cable TV in favor of internet-based options. Many companies have also come up with innovative concepts in delivering such interactive content right into the homes of their subscribers. in view of that, Dish Network is offering the most attractive package for the customers through its new device the Air TV.

Dish Network’s Air TV delivers video content on the big screen just like the other services like Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation Vue, Apple TV, etc. Like them Air TV has also the addition of some common features such as the universal search option for exploring and viewing any content. Yet again, Air TV differs from all the other services in some of its new kind of features.

Reports say that Air TV has the ability to integrate over the air feeds from a digital antenna. This has numerous advantages as it offers a way to flip between other network shows on air. Apparently, with the introduction of Air TV, Dish Network has stirred up intense competition in the field with other companies. It can be seen as a major transition from traditional cable delivery to internet content.

Moreover, this is speeding up as well, since most of the customers around the world have pushed away from conventional cable into digital and other interactive content delivery systems. In most countries, the governments are also actively pursuing such massive digitization projects.

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Nonetheless, Dish Network’s new efforts have not undergone that much change from what it did two years ago. Their previous models were satellite receivers, like what Comcast is doing with its new X1 cable box, offering bundled content from cable along with Netflix and other streaming services. Yet Dish’s predictions for the future of television reflect on their release of new products that are hundred percent internet content providers.

Dish Network realizes how customers take into account the many benefits offered through their box. Being much cheaper than traditional pay TV is one of its prime attractions, although there are no official price points on this. The average pay TV subscriber has to pay a monthly fee of $10 to $20, whereas the monthly subscription fee for Air TV is assumed to be under that. However, the prices may vary and even lower in the times to come.