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As a leading satellite service provider, Dish offers a lot of features that other services don’t. One of the features that make Dish quite appealing among the crowd is its unchanging price deals. These types of deals are offered to customers who order packages for long term, say, one year, two years or three years. Take a look at the unchanging price deals offered by Dish Network. You can get a detailed picture of the same by going through your Dish Network channel guide.

How To Ensure Guaranteed Unchanging Price Deals

Unlike other satellite television service providers, Dish follows a very transparent policy when it comes to deals. It doesn’t change the deals from time to time. Once you sign up for a special deal, you are guaranteed to get offers promised in that deal.

Same Package Price Deal For 3 Years

If you want to get same package price every month for 3 consecutive years, all you need to do is just to sign up with Dish for 2 years. Once the order is completed, you can be assured of same package price. Even if the price of the monthly packages is doubled, it won’t affect you because you have a signed contract for 3 years.

Dish Network Packages

Dish Same Price Deals

At the month, the same package price deal is offered for selected packages like America’s Top 120 Plus. The package includes 190 channels and the monthly charge will be $49.99 plus taxes. There are no other hidden charges of whatsoever. In the package, you will get more than 50 free premium channels.

It also includes free regional sports channels, local channels and free HD. You will also get free Netflix for a limited period (one year). Besides that, when you order for the same package price deal, you will get guaranteed free installation of the set-top box and satellite dish by professionals.