Hopper 3 DVR

Hopper 3 DVR

Sling TV subscribers won’t be struggling with TV scheduling conflicts any more – the company has just upped the capabilities of their Hopper DVR to enable recording 16 channels.

The new rig also handles 4K Ultra HD programming. Latest in the line, Hopper 3 DVR will be out later this month as a free upgrade for customers, who will be charged a $15 monthly service fee. It is designed to bring “a conflict-free TV experience,” according to executive vice president and chief technology officer Vivek Khemka.

Under 4k, the new Hopper supports Netflix’s 4K UHD library, with Netflix content integrated into the DVR’s discovery function. You will be getting movies such as The Amazing Spider-Man available for rent as part of a deal with Sony Pictures and other major studies.

Hopper 3 has a multi-screen feature that lets viewers watch 4 HD feeds simultaneously. The company is working on a new 4K Joey, which will let you view on up to 7 additional TVs. Meanwhile the DVR works with future life 4K broadcasts.


The HopperGO personal mobile video drive will be hitting the stands in the first quarter as well. This can store up to 100 hours of recorded content, which you can transfer from the DVR and take with you while on the move. It has 64 gigs of flash memory and its own Wi-Fi network, which means, you can watch the same show simultaneously on up to 5 different devices that are in range.

Net-Delivered Streaming

Sling TV Subscribers

New Sling TV

The Sling TV Net-delivered streaming video service has been improved as well, with a new UI and ESPN 3 integration. Where before, you had to use the ESPN 3 app or web site to watch live broadcasts, Sling now includes this as a component of the basic $20 monthly service tier.

Sling’s new UI will be available on compatible devices in the upcoming weeks. It has a “My TV” feature that reminds of unwatched content, and recommends other programs based on the viewer’s interests. Also new is the Sports section, which shows info on live and upcoming events including those not on sports channels.

Sling TV has drawn in customers who did away with pay-TV, as well as existing pay-TV customers who want to supplement their viewable content.