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Dish Network and its subsidiary Sling TV have decided to establish a Software Development Office at downtown Denver. The move will create more than 100 tech jobs in the town.

Dish has been innovative since the very beginning. The company is currently collaborating with a number of technology companies in Colorado on numerous projects, many of which are on improving the new Sling TV services and data management options.

Downtown Denver project is part of Dish Network’s in-house software development venture that aims at supporting all its products and services. Dish Network has the first on-demand and live internet TV app. Their Hopper DVR platform is the most sophisticated device of its sort in the industry.

Dish was founded in 1980 in Colorado and since then it has been one of the major job contributor in the state. Today it has more than 4,000 employees in the state. Dish has realized that Colorado is the best soil for software companies at the moment. There is a thriving tech community in the state now.

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To set up its software development office, Dish has chosen the historic Grand Central Building. A 20,000 square feet area of the building is under renovations now. The site is located in an open work environment. It will include different facilities like space for private technology demonstration.

Dish Network is on its way to becoming the most successful satellite television service provider in the United States. Dish Network packages are popular because they are all-inclusive and affordable. By setting up a software development office in Denver, Dish hopes to convert it as the launch pad for its latest products, services, and state-of-the-art ideas.

Millions of customers are now opting in for Dish and Sling TV services. The consumer market for these services is changing in real-time. According to Rob Dravenstott, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Dish Network, “From the heart of the thriving Denver tech community, this office will utilize Collaborative software development models to expand our world-class IT Group And play an integral role in creating next generation services.”