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These days, people choose their satellite provider after examining a number of factors such as customer support, compatibility, technological highlights, bundled packages, prices, etc. In the US, the two leading satellite television providers, Dish and DirecTV, offer equally convincing packages, equipments, and services at highly competitive price ranges.

Getting started with using one of these services is very easy as their installation procedure is simple and can be done within a few hours. If you are confused about choosing between DirecTV and Dish, here is a rough comparison of the services offered by them. Here, we will see how Dish and DirecTV deals with installation procedure and customer support.

Installation Procedure Of Dish And DirecTV

Both Dish and DirecTV offer free installation services done by professionally qualified and trained staff. The installer will come to your home with all the equipments, install the satellite dish in the place you specify, and then configure the DVR receiver for you. He will make sure that everything works well and will give you a brief introduction of how to use it.

Additional Charges For Custom Installation

Both Dish and DirecTV offers custom installation services such as wall mounting of TV, wireless networks, etc. However, there will be extra charges for such needs.

Customer Services

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DirecTV Device Protection Plan

DirecTV offers 24/7 customer support through phone and email. If an issue requires a technician to come your property and fix it, they would schedule a home service on the next day.

Dish Network also provides round the clock customer service. You can get in touch with them through email, chat, phone, or even on twitter.

DirecTV has a device protection plan. It allows you to claim free replacement/warranty for any damages with your device. It costs $5.99 per month. It also offers a Premier Device Protection plan for $19.99.

Both Dish and DirecTV equals in terms of customer support and installation services. However, while DirecTV leads in terms of more options and channels, Dish leads in terms of tier rate and cheapest options.