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Season Three Premiere

The third season premiere of DC superhero TV show returned to CW this Tuesday, and the channel is available on all DirecTV packages. The season premiere, which was loosely based on the Flashpoint paradox, was engaging, thrilling, and heartbreaking.

Even though many fans were disappointed with Flashpoint ending in a single episode, all of us are eager for the upcoming episodes, which will possibly reveal the after-effects of Flashpoint. Here are three Easter eggs, which you might have missed in The Flash S03E01.

The Rival

The third season premiere of The Flash introduced another evil speedster, who goes by the name, the Rival. According to the DC comic timeline, he is actually the arch nemesis of Jay Garrick. The show creators have moved a bit away from the comics though, and showed him as the main protagonist of Wally West aka the Kid Flash.

The Rival seems to be much more experienced than Wally and his powers like throwing lighting, creating tornados, and even trying to puncture Wally through the chest makes him a perfect rival for Barry Allen. The last five minutes of the first episode confirms that we will see more the Rival in this season.

Kid Flash

We have always known that Wally West will take up the mantle of Kid Flash and fight alongside Barry Allen/The Flash sometime soon. The season 3 premiere gave us a glimpse on Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid Flash, all suited up in the comic book-inspired red and yellow costume. We will get to see more of Kid Flash in the upcoming episodes, but we still do not know if it might be due to the effects of Flashpoint.

Reports from several sources also indicate that Barry and Wally might not be the only speedsters to appear in season three. Violette Beane will reprise her role of Jesse Quick and she will supposedly have her speeding powers too. In addition to this, Jay Garrick from earth three is also set to appear in The Flash season 3.

Dr. Alchemy

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Easter Eggs

The final scene from the second season premiere teased Zoom as the big bad villain. Similarly, the final scene from the first episode of season three confirms that Dr. Alchemy will be the main protagonist this season. In the final scene, Dr. Alchemy wakes up Edward Clariss just to reveal his name on the mirror.

The addition of Harry Potter famer, Tom Felton as a series regular has already increased the expectations of The Flash. Many fans have assumed that Felton will be playing the big bad Dr Alchemy in The Flash season 3. However, we will have to wait and see whether this theory is true or not.