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Spectrum Bundle Packages

Spectrum, the latest imitative from Charter Communications, is offering several exciting packages to their subscribers. The bundled packages from Spectrum allow subscribers to combine their internet, television, and home phone services together. This will help the subscribers to save a lot of money on their monthly bills, as well as enjoy numerous other benefits.

In addition to this, Spectrum also allows subscribers to bundle two of their services like home phone and internet. However, it is wiser to bundle the three services together, as they considerably reduce the service fee. Let us a take a peep on the three services offered by Spectrum.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV™ offers approximately 200 popular and favorite HD channels to their subscribers, which includes local as well as international channels. In addition to that, subscribers do not have at pay any additional cost for the HD channels.

Spectrum Internet

Spectrum Internet™ offers an exceptional internet speed of 60 Mbps in almost all their markets and a much better internet speed of 300 Mbps in a few regions. This internet speed allows the subscribers to easily stream and watch their favorite TV shows and movies with ease.

Spectrum Voice™

The crystal-clear reception and reliable service offered by Spectrum Voice™ are the major highlights of this service. In addition to this, Spectrum is also offering unlimited calling and a lot more features to their subscribers.

Let us know about the three different triple bundle packages from Spectrum and learn what they have to offer.

Spectrum Triple Play Select

This bundled package from Spectrum allows the subscribers to access over 10,000+ On Demand choices. In addition to that, more than 125 popular channels are available in HD in the package.

The maximum internet speed offered by this pack is 60 Mbps and unlimited long distance and local calling offers are also available in the home phone service. The price of the package is $29.99 per month.

Spectrum Triple Play Silver Package

This package offers 50 more additional channels along with the 125 channels available in the first package. Some of the additional channels included in the package are Cooking Channel, BBC America, Inspirational Network, and Fox Business Network.

Charter Spectrum Bundle Packages

Spectrum Triple Play Silver Package

In addition to that, a praiseworthy maximum internet speed of 60 Mbps and unlimited local and long distance calling offers are also available in this package. This package cost is $49.99 a month.

Spectrum Triple Play Gold Package

This package is undoubtedly the best and most popular bundled offers by Spectrum. It offers approximately 200 quality channels in HD and includes several sports channels like CBS Sports Network, NFL Red Zone, and Fox College Sports. The internet and home phone features, however, are similar to the other packages.