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Home phone is becoming more popular these days and many subscribers are relying more on their home phones due to the exceptional plans offered by major companies. In light of that, AT&T has introduced amazing offers for its home phone subscribers, which includes unlimited local and international calling and advanced features. Here are some of the main features of AT&T home phone service.

Call Return

The call return feature in AT&T home phones automatically redials the last incoming call for the next minutes, and notifies the user when the call becomes available. Call return feature can be activated by pressing *69 on your AT&T landline. You will hear an announcement upon pressing the code.

You can redial the last incoming caller by pressing the digit 1. You will hear a normal ringing tone, if the called number is available. You will also receive a confirmation announcement, which alerts you that call return is trying to get reach of the number in the next 30 minutes.

Hang up your phone and wait for a special ring, which will indicate that the call is complete. Subscribers can cancel call return by pressing *89 around 30 minutes before the completion of initial activation.

Call Trace

The call trace feature present in AT&T landlines will allow the user to trace the origin of phone calls, which the user founds to be threatening, obscene, or harassing. If you receive such a call, wait ten seconds and make sure the call is disconnected.

Press *57 after hearing a dial tone then an announcement will follow, which will ask you press the digit 1, if you want to trace the call. You will receive a toll free number after a successful trace through the network announcement.

Call this toll free number to take legal action or to register a complaint. However, you will receive an error message if the trace is unsuccessful.

Call Transfer

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The call transfer feature gives an opportunity to the users to transfer or divert any incoming call to another line. Press the flash button or switch hook button on your home after receiving a call to put the caller on hold. This will allow you to make a call. Enter a third party number to speak privately with them, when they answer.

A three-way call can be established by pressing the flash or switched using the hook button. Hang up your phone and disconnect the call after pressing the button in order to connect to the remaining callers.