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Dish Network is known for its affordable and feature-rich satellite television services. Customers of Dish Network channels are very well aware of the benefits they can ensure from their provider. While cable television customers have to pay a lot to get their favorite channel lineup, Dish customers pay less and get more channels, and with added benefits.

According to the company’s monthly statistics, every month thousands of people choose Dish services. When you order for Dish satellite television service, you will get a free dish, free set top box and free professional installation. Hence, the switching over from your existing service provider to Dish would not cause any sort of additional expenditure for you. Perhaps this could be one of the pressing reasons for people to ditch their cable subscriptions and move to a much cost-effective Dish Network.

Dish Network channel guide can give you a detailed account of the level of support and services you can get through your subscription. The migrating customers are provided with a plethora of services, packages, and convincing deals. Taking cue from the current adoption trend, Dish hopes that there will be thousands of new subscribers in the coming years.

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It is not just one feature that makes Dish more pressing than other services but a number of them. Among these, many people think that Dish Network Promotions is one thing that sets the satellite TV service provider apart.

Dish recently announced a deal that no other companies have in the recent past. The specialty of this particular deal or package is that it is offered for just $15 per month. You can get a large line of channels if agreed to subscribe to this plan for at least 6 months. The key feature of this deal is the lineup of premier channels like HBO and SHOTIME. Both these channels are offered for free for the first three months.

Along with this, you are promised to get CINEMAX for about a month for just 1 penny a month. Unless you unsubscribe this package after 5 months, you will continue to receive this offer for up to a year.