Dish Network Channel Guide

Fighting For The TV Remote

Whether it is Dish Network or DirecTV, the incorporation of the latest DVR technology has made them quite family-friendly. With the help of the DVR, it is possible for you to record the programs, access Dish Network channel guide, or even shift to any of the DirecTV packages.

The most pressing feature that DVR offers is the ability to let everyone in the family to watch their favorite shows because you can record all the shows for future watching/references. Nonetheless, in a family atmosphere, chances are higher for disputes over watching or recording shows even if you have got the latest DVR technology. So, here are five simple steps you can take in order to avoid any such disputes.

Give Priority To The Live Shows

DirecTV and Dish Network allow you to watch shows on multiple devices. However, everyone would love to watch their shows on the big screen back at home and chances are that there will be disagreements regarding what show to be put on. Remember that you can watch recorded shows at any time. So give the first priority to watching the Live shows.

Don’t Delete Shows Recorded By Others

DirecTV’s Genie and Dish Network’s Hopper 3 comes with a plenty of data storage. Genie offers up to 200 hours of HD recording, where Hopper 3 has 2TB storage space. So you don’t necessarily have to delete any shows recorded by your brothers or sisters. In case you have to do that due to shortage of space in the hard drive, ask them to do that instead.

Give Priority To The Shows That All Love To Watch

DirecTV Packages

Watching TV Together

With satellite television services like DirecTV and Dish Network, you can always ensure to record your favorite shows. However, no one would be happy to denounce the opportunity to watch shows as and when they are aired. If most family members agree on a particular show, that you disagree with, better allow them to watch what they like.

Don’t Insist On Others To Watch Your Favorite Shows

Don’t just assume that everyone in the family would be interested to watch shows that you are extremely passionate about. So don’t try to force them to sit with you and wait while your show airs. They can do any other work in the meantime, and join you later for other shows which they like as well.