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The golfers who will participate in this year’s US Open Championship will tee off at Long Island’s Shinnecock Hills Golf Club. The 117th edition of the annual golf championship is set to commence by mid-June, as it has been the case over the years. What makes the event a highly anticipated one is United States Golf Association’s announcement that Fox Sports™ will broadcast it. For that, Fox Sports™ team will place 2 cameras at the golf club’s 7th pole and will air the 4K footage through DIRECTV® platform.

As part of this initiative, Fox Broadcasting Company’s division also has arrived on a 5G partnership with Ericsson®, AT&T®, and Intel®. While Intel® will provide its 5G Mobile Trial Platform, which can transmit data at up to 1.6 gigabits per second speeds and deploy 5G to Internet Protocol (IP) translation, Ericsson® will provide baseband, 4K video encoder and decoder, and simulated network core. On the other hand, AT&T® will make use of its mmWave spectrum for delivering the 5G connection through their network.

The low latency and high-speed network of the best internet provider will allow the DIRECTV® customers with 4K compatible set-top-boxes and packages that include Fox Sports™ to watch the annual US Open Golf live, which gets bettered by the ultra-high-definition quality. This is not the first time that 5G gets used for broadcasting purposes. For instance, Intel® has distributed dozens of live 5G links in multiple sites and has supported network capacity of up to 3800 TB for 2018 Winter Olympics. Yet again, the Fox Sports™ broadcasts for DIRECTV® customers is going to be the 1st time 5G will be used for a top-tier golf event.

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AT&T® owns the DIRECTV® service and offers channels as per tiered pricing system, bundled packages. The subscription cable TV service is separated into DIRECTV® Family package, Sports package, and so forth. DIRECTV® Family package provides a mixed bag of channels focused on entertainment for the entire family, including cartoon channels for kids, and news channels for mature audiences. AT&T’s DIRECTV® Sports package provides programming from Fox Sports™ network and several other sports channels. Further, more details about which DIRECTV® packages will air the golf event is yet to be confirmed. It is best to contact an AT&T® store or cable dealers for more information.