DirecTV Choice Package

Fullscreen TV

Many of the television networks offer sampled episodes of original shows on digital platforms like YouTube to increase popularity of the shows hoping that the viewers will get attracted to them. In accordance with that, DirecTV and AT&T are also offering original programming from the subscription VOD services of Fullscreen.

Reports say that AT&T is planning to launch ‘Snack on Fullscreen’ programs for DirecTV viewers, which will be available in daily and weekly segments. “The best in digital-first content for millennials is coming to an even bigger stage,” said David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer of AT&T Entertainment Group.

The subscription VOD service of Fullscreen will be available on Audience Network channel. It is hoped that this move will increase signups to five dollars per month for Fullscreen service.

Viewers will get to see contents from SVOD lineup features in the Audience Network. The available programming includes:

  • Jack And Dean of All Trades – In this program, UK comedy duo Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs takes many different temporary jobs which ends up with hilarious results.
  • Making Moves – This is a Los Angeles based dance program from John Swetnam.
  • Single + Swiping – This is a documentary series, which helps viewers to know more about the different dating apps available online.
  • Veitch 101 – This is a show, in which, British comedian author James Veitch talks about the latest technologies, but quite hilariously.


    AT&T Entertainment Group

Together with the Saturday block, Audience Network on DirecTV and U-verse will also be promoting short form contents of Fullscreen in segments of eight to ten minutes. This will be telecasted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.

Viewers can watch the Audience Network on DirecTV channel number 239 and on U-Verse channel number 1114. With the introduction of Fullscreen on Audience Network channel, AT&T expects more customers to sign up for DirecTV packages. They are expecting that more and more customers will sign up for the $5 per month Fullscreen services.