If you are a satellite TV subscriber, you might have run across the two-year price lock options that are offered by Dish Network and DirecTV®. This article compares the two year price lock plans from both these satellite TV providers and the total cost for the users across the life of the contract. If you observe closely, you can understand that each of the providers have a slightly different way of qualifying for the plan.

Who Qualifies For The Deal

Like all the recent promotional plans, this 2 year price lock deal can be availed only by the new customers. However, if you either had a Dish® or DirecTV® connection years ago, there are chances that you may qualify for the plan.

There are not much qualifying terms with Dish® Network, but only those Dish Network packages with Hopper DVR are on offer. All charges for DVR are included in the two-year price lock deal and customers do not need to worry about any additional charges for the device.

DirecTV®, on the other hand, has definite qualifying terms for its 2-year price lock deal. As they recently merged with AT&T®, DirecTV® needs the subscribers to bundle at least one of the AT&T® service to be qualified for the two-year price deal. AT&T® services include Internet, telephone, and wireless.

Dish® 2 Year Price Lock Plan

Dish Network Packages

Dish® Network Offers

The 2 year price lock deal is a very good way to avoid the possibility of a price hike for the next two years. There are advantages like paying the same bill every month, no price hikes in between plans, and no hidden fees. It will be easy for you to plan your budget around it, as you get the same bill every month for twenty-four months.

Another thing that you need to take into account is the unexpected price hike, which is quite a lot common these days. You never know when the TV service provider will increase their rates; so going for a two-year price lock deal will help you avoid such price hikes in the future. Even with the rise in cost of living, inflation, and other economic factors, you could safely be assured that the cost of your entertainment needs will not go up over time.

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