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Hughes Network Systems® and Global Eagle Entertainment have proclaimed that they have released two important enhancements to the global connectivity network owned by Eagle. This new addition will significantly enhance the speeds and capacity of the network provided to airlines and its passengers globally. As a part of the new enhancements, the deployment of the JUPITER aeronautical system offered by Hughes® will help in extending the capabilities of the airline connectivity provided by Global Eagle. Besides, this system is also being leveraged for further extending the network into the country.

The use of Hughes® JUPITER Aero system will help Global Eagle and their airlines and passengers to enjoy accessing high speeds in the network. This will also help improve the operational economics and efficiency. One of the key features of the JUPITER Aero system is that it provides super fast network speeds along with the consistency of a satellite network. The deployment of these new enhancements will help in giving a renewed user experience to the customers of Global Eagle.

Hughes Network Systems®, which is one of the best internet providers by offering its JUPITER Aero system, will provide support to all major international airline routes. Currently, the two companies Hughes Network Systems® and Global Eagle have been focusing more on maximizing network bandwidth and performance offered to the passengers on several major airlines operating in the country. The use of Hughes® JUPITER Aero system will help Global Eagle to virtually increase the network capacity that it provides to the airlines.

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Such enhancements will certainly contribute to the ever-increasing demands of the passengers by giving them access to high speed and efficient networks. This will positively benefit all the applications that the passengers use while using an airline. As a part of this, it will rely on extra ground-based gateway terminals and infrastructure along with increasing the capacity of the satellites allotted for use in this service.

Per Norén, SVP Aviation, Global Eagle said, “We are pleased that through our work with Hughes®, passengers aboard a North American airline and many other airlines worldwide will have improved speeds and network performance. Together, these moves highlight our focus on connectivity-driven content. We appreciate the relationship with Hughes® since our company was founded.”

Speaking at the new venture, the Executive VP of Hughes®, Paul Gaske, said, “We have had the good fortune to serve Global Eagle since their inception and we are tremendously pleased to be able to support them with the most recent expansion of their network. We are especially pleased to have them adopt our JUPITER Aero System and view it as yet another testament to its exceptional performance and capabilities.”